2021 EC MENz Summit

An article on Russell Balantyne in The Space, Issue No. 14, Summer 2008/09

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Te Whanau

EC-MENz  Incorporated) (NZ)

Tena  koutou,  tena koutou,  tena tatou katoa

Nga Mihi nui. Nga Mihi mahana

Tena  koutou,  tena koutou,  tena tatou katoa

A special welcome to Ron and Chris Blatz, who have voyaged across the globe from their home in Winnipeg.  Ron has agreed to travel down here to share the stories from his region of Canada and to outline the ways he has been instrumental in the recruitment and retention of male teachers in his centre in Canada.  We look very forward to his presentation and his contribution over the next two days. We also welcome Professor Helen May who will highlight the historical influences that males have had in this sector and perhaps this will lead to the question “Why has male influence and participation become so absent over the past century?”

My concern with the very high percentage of female teachers in the early childhood profession is that they do not understandthe importance of rough and tumble play for boys. As a father of two daughters I am the first to put my hand up and say I do not understand girls…

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An EC-MENz conference review by Jonny Holtom

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A long-serving early childhood teacher helps coordinate the men’s network  

NZ  Education Gazette nov. 2007

David Baxendell is full of enthusiasm for the early childhood men’s network, though he laughs as he recalls how a series of emails saw him shanghai’d into running the EC-MENZ website.

To be fair on his fellows, he previously produced a website for the Canterbury/Westland group, forerunner to the national network.

The website has gained a new lease on life and is now an online hub for the men’s groups around the country. It is just one sign of renewed momentum in the support groups following this year’s men in early childhood care and teaching summit in Christchurch.