2021 EC MENz Summit

A national survey of the early childhood sector showed strong support for more men to be involved in early childhood teaching and for initiatives to be implemented to help this to happen (click here to read more). pdf

The 2012 survey revealed that it was believed that better representation of men in teaching would be of benefit to children’s learning and social development, raise quality within the sector in various ways including improving staff dynamics by having a mixed gender team, and help Dads feel more comfortable staying with their child and participating in the ECE programme.

Men - are you thinking of training to become a fully qualified ECE teacher?

Interested men can apply anytime to Office of ECE and invitation grants (and scholarships when available) will be awarded to eligible applicants as sponsors come forward. 

Download an application form for an invitation grant by clicking herepdf

Invitation Awards

The Invitation Award comprises:

A personal membership with the ChildForum Early Childhood Network for 12 months and this includes online access to resources, research, and information to assist with studies.

A grant of $400.00 to go toward the cost of teacher education study fees, books, or to support study e.g. to help pay for childcare.

As sponsors of the $400.00 invitation grants come forward sponsors will be matched with men who are eligible for a grant. Every effort will be made to match applicants with sponsors in the same geographic area; however, this may not always be possible.

Not every applicant may be selected and given a $400.00 grant as this depends on sponsorship availability.

Award applicants may be based anywhere in NZ but must:

  • Be male.
  • Be born in NZ or have full NZ residency.
  • Provide proof of acceptance into an ECE diploma or degree programme leading to a qualification recognised by the NZ Teachers' Council for working as a registered teacher in early childhood education. 
  • Be about to commence teacher education study (or enrolled in a teacher education programme for no more than 60 days from the date of course commencement). 
  • Not have applied for or been granted any other scholarship or grant other than a student allowance to assist with the costs of teacher training.

Download an application form for an invitation grant by clicking herepdf


Teacher education training providers are invited to offer one or more scholarships to fund all or part of the enrolment fees for new male students.

Men may apply for one of these scholarships through Office of ECE. The eligibility criteria are the same as stated above for the invitation grants. If a scholarship with a training provider you wish to enrol with is not available, consider applying for an invitation grant.

Men awarded a training scholarship are not eligible to apply for an Invitation Award.

The scholarships will also include a free ChildForum Early Childhood Network membership for 12 months.

TeachNZ is the main option for training scholarships for both men and women. You will have to stand out from the other students applying for only a small number of TeachNZ scholarships.  However, do not let this put you off because TeachNZ will be well aware of the acute shortage of male ECE teachers and with probably 90% of applicants being female you ‘will’ stand out. For general advice on financial assistance and scholarships visit Office of ECE for more information.

Above content courtesy Office of ECE