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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 20:03 | Written by ChildForum

In June 2013 ChildForum wrote to the NZ Education Minister explaining why it is important for children, the ECE profession, and our society for men to be represented in early childhood teaching work and asking if she had been advised of the continuing problem and what actions Government may be planning to put into place to address this.

All around Aotearoa men are making huge differences in the lives of very young children.
EC-MENz is New Zealand’s only national organization dedicated solely to supporting the many roles of men in early childhood education.

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To be held on the 7-9th March 2014 in Wellington.

Men and women are warmly invited to attend the Summit of the Early Childhood Men in NZ Assn (ECMenz). Friday will consist of political and research presentations and panels. Saturday will include fun learning workshops and roundtables on various gender, initial teacher education and workforce topics. For people staying over Saturday night, Sunday morning will provide the opportunity for social activities and visits to services around Wellington hosted by Childspace.

14th NZ Early Childhood Research Conference – 6th March 2014

This will be a joint conference with Australian colleagues in Wellington city, NZ.  It will showcase the best and the latest early childhood research and also provide an opportunity for students to present their thesis work.  Mark this date in your diary now. More information will be available and a call for papers will be issued by ChildForum in September 2013.

Thursday, May 02, 2013    Iwk Bureau

Mohanan began his professional career as a primary school teacher in India in the mid 80s. From this experience he grew to realise how crucial the early years are in deciding a person’s character. It was this realisation coupled with a revelation from his church pastor in 2008 that spurred him to pursue a career working with younger children as an early childhood teacher.

“Put simply; I see my career choice as a spiritual mission… I have always believed in the famous quote “if your wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if your health is lost, something is lost; and if your character is lost, everything is lost.”