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Radon clearly remembers their first meeting. Six-year-old Connor was playing with his Lego blocks at the house of his nan, who is also his guardian. He looked up at this complete stranger and asked: “Do you know how to tie a hook on a fishing line?”

In the three years since, Radon Mailau and his “little buddy” Connor Bradshaw have spent their weekly Sunday afternoon meetings hiking, playing with slingshots, cooking massive piles of potato chips and making Wolverine claws and a failed crossbow.

On TVNZ Seven Sharp 12th June 2014, Timmy P did a fantastic job of promoting men in ECE. Great exposure!!

They cover why more men still aren’t getting into teaching, and how it could be affecting kids.

A Scottish Rudolf Steiner preschool teacher has been denied another temporary work visa by Immigration New Zealand because he is taking the job of a New Zealander.

But Kristopher McGinnis is in the 2 per cent of male early childhood education (ECE) teachers in the entire country – as “rare as hen’s teeth” to find. And despite his principal making an appeal to Immigration for Mr McGinnis to stay, it indicated he would not be successful.

Mr McGinnis, who finished at Kowhai Childcare at Hamilton’s Waikato Waldorf School last week, will return to Glasgow today despite desperately wanting to stay in New Zealand.“I’m gutted. I love it here,” he said.

The 30-year-old Scottish-trained ECE teacher arrived in 2012 on a working holiday visa and took up an “unqualified position” with Kowhai Childcare soon after.



Men fully participating at all levels of Early Childhood Education to represent the diversity of our society in Aotearoa.

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Supporting men to participate in Early Childhood Education.