2021 EC MENz Summit

A presentation by Craig d’Arcy at the EC-MENz Summit in April 2016 at BTI (Bethlehem Tertiary Institute), Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

In his talk Craig spoke about the benefits of increased male involvement in ECE, the challenges for male participation, and an insight into the early childhood industry in Australia.

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by Craig d'Arcy

It is essential for children to have both men and women working together in their care and education. Men have something to offer that is different to what females have to offer. Both men and women together can make fundamental contributions to the care and education of young children. The following outlines the tasks that all stakeholders face as we strive to: encourage acceptance within early childhood services of the vital role of male staff, prevent men's professional isolation, encourage and support males to enter and stay in the field, and enhance the profession of early childhood as a whole.

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by Joseph James

Lilian Katz (1994) outlined five perspectives that can be used as to gauge quality within an early childhood setting. By drawing on a range of literature, and using Katz’s (1994) perspectives as different lenses, I am able to explore the topic of male teachers, why there are so few, how they are perceived and treated, how their practice is unique, and ultimately, how it affects the quality of ECE services.

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The EC-Menz Wellington group came together in November 2015 at Childspace Northland for the final time this year. It was such a pleasure to see such a diverse group, including three talented men currently studying ECE at Victoria University. With a few refreshments, some good kai, and a huge variety of conversation topics it gave us great heart to see that there are such genuine people living and learning alongside young people in our region.