2021 EC MENz Summit

7- 8 March 2014

Wellington, NZ

Conference Theme:
Lifting the Lid on Gender Issues in Early Childhood Education

The first Summit in 1997 brought together teachers, ECE service leaders, researchers, tertiary educators, politicians and policy advisers to deliberate on the problem of a low presence of men in early childhood teaching.  Following this tradition, the 8th EC-Menz Summit will have a strong political purpose along with looking at new projects and initiatives, and providing presentations on various issues of gender in early childhood teacher education, employment and working conditions, teacher’s work, boy’s and girl’s learning, children’s educational achievement, childcare practices, including all parents in ECE settings, etc.

This is a call for research papers, roundtable discussion sessions, workshops, performances, and guided tours. The closing date for submissions is 1st November 2013.  Submitters will be informed of acceptance into the programme or if the submission has been declined by 1st December 2013.  Publishing of research papers in the NZ Research in ECE Journal, which will be refereed post-summit, is available to researchers.

Presentation Options:


The research which may report data or provide analysis of policy must be completed before the Summit date. Papers will be allocated 30 minutes and the presentation style is formal.

This format allows the presenter to share knowledge and engage participants (up to 25 in a session) in discussion.  A roundtable can be for various purposes, such as reporting on a project, sharing research plans, discussing new developments in an area, focusing on a special interest area, and providing updates or detailing new approaches. Roundtables will be allocated 30 minutes. Please note that for this type of presentation data projection and AV equipment will not be available.

WORKSHOP or TOUR (offered on Saturday only in the Summit programme)
This format involves demonstration by the presenter of a skill or activity.  Or it may involve taking participants on a guided tour (virtual through film or slides) or actually visiting an ECE service, organisation or place (e.g. Museum, children’s playground – must be within walking distance of The Terrace street in central Wellington or you need to arrange safe transportation). Please indicate on the submission form the amount of time you would like to be allocated and any special requirements.

A performance includes an element of education (related to the theme of the Summit) and entertainment.  It may, for example, take the form of a skit, song, game, dance, take-off of a game show competition, etc.   Please give details of time, who will be involved, and special requirements in the submission form below. The venue for the Summit is a Church which is popular for musical performances and has a grand piano.

Conference Registration

All presenters are expected to register for the conference if staying. Students who are not in full-time employment and who are studying toward a diploma or degree are eligible for a special low student rate (please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enquire about special rates).

Please click on this link for the submission form  EC Menz Summit 2014 in NZ paper call.

The deadline for all proposals is 1st November 2013.