2021 EC MENz Summit

Minutes of meeting of the core of the ECE Menz

Saturday 23 June, 2007.


Adam Buckingham

David Baxendell

Russell Ballantyne

Peter Visser

Proposed ECE  Menz Conference

Possible name: Good keen men

Possible Aims:

  • To increase the numbers of male early childhood teachers by encouraging men in training and retention.


At this point in the discussion Adam showed us the notes from the meeting with the Ministry that took place after the men’s Summit that looked at action towards increasing male involvement in ECE. Anthony K is the coordinator of this positive action. We realised at this point that we didn’t want to be doubling up on what this group had already discussed and were working on. Although the above aim we saw as important possibly the key aim for ECE Menz conference is more about advocacy and support. Thus:

  • To consolidate national men’s support network
  • To discuss and determine the direction of national and regional network.
  • To form an incorporated society to provide a structure for the maintenance of the national network (including the development of a constitution)
  • To provide workshops to support men in teaching


Either February 2/3 or 9/10 . Wellington will be very busy with rugby on 2/3 so 9/10 was looking like the proposed date. It was agreed that this gathering should take place at the beginning of the year so those attending can get PD money giving centres advanced warning


We were to all look at the possibility of Weir House but had limited time available. Peter will look at this on Monday and report back and also find out the cost and availability of the Brentwood Hotel (close to the airport) or other.


Sponsorship will be a financial necessity and so we will approach various related organisations for sponsorship.

Adam – AUT

David    -KA / Commercial resource suppliers

Peter    – Te Tari Puna Ora o Aotearoa

Wellington coordinator – Wellington based organisations


This conference will be open to everyone but it was agreed that one part of the gathering would be devoted to just those men working in ECE. This could be a time when we look at issues for men in ECE (Tip toeing through the mine field).

There will also need to be time for the ECE Menz to form an incorporated society possibly breakfast Sunday morning session.


Peter to talk to Nancy Bell


David to ask Peter Flemming


As we have not formed ourselves as an incorporated society the handling of conference money will need to be done through a central bank account.

Adam volunteered to be treasurer for the conference. Many thanks for undertaking this task Adam.


We discussed the subject matter of possible speakers and these could included a range of topics. The main speakers would be about men in ECE but others speakers could be on any topic.


Men share their story in breaks.

Each region to do a skit or item on Saturday night.

General business

Incorporated Society

If we make ECE Menz an incorporated society then we will have a formal hierarchy plus we will be far more likely to gain sponsorship. Other reasons were; protection for the group in case of action against the group; development rules to allow the group to govern and control who speaks on it’s behalf and the messages that are put out.